The Dead Tell the Best Stories: An App Review

Do you love interesting stories about our Cemetery’s “residents?” Of course you do! You’re following the Congressional Cemetery blog. You’re in great company, because so does Liz Ruskin, a woman who works in public radio, brings her dog Lola to the Cemetery, and has put together a truly engaging audio tour. This exclusive tour, aptly [...]

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You’re Hosting What in the Cemetery?

Why does a cemetery need or choose to have events? Isn’t having ___________ (fill in the blank with an event) disrespectful to the dead? Cemeteries should be serene, peaceful spaces reserved for contemplation and mourning. As a historic yet active cemetery, we sometimes receive the above remarks and questions, along with similar commentary, in response [...]

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Thinking of Warmer Days

Boston, we know. We've got nothing on you here in DC. But by anyone's standards, it is brutally cold here in the nation's capital. The wind is howling outside the cemetery gatehouse, and the staff feel lucky to be able to hunker down and view the beauty of the cemetery from the comfort of our [...]

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Nerds unite!

Vice President Margaret Puglisi and Doug Graves at their nerdiest. And when we say "nerds," we most certainly mean it as a compliment. This comes directly from the cemetery staff members who have had in-depth conversations about their dream tombstones, hold firm opinions about their favorite "residents" in the cemetery, and whose idea of a good [...]

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