What are the requirements for membership?

K9 Corps membership is a privilege, not a right, and is maintained through an active relationship between dog owners and the cemetery. Members are required to submit an annual membership fee of $400 for one dog. Additional dogs can be added for a $50 fee each (up to two additional dogs per family) annually. These fees support the ongoing work at HCC to preserve our sacred burial ground.

Additionally, volunteerism is at the core of the K9 Corps program. Each family that registers for a volunteer membership is required to commit to serving eight (8) volunteer hours annually in support of cemetery activities. Volunteer hours are a requirement because we wish for our members to be invested in the cemetery and in relationship with the staff, visitors, and other members. Volunteer opportunities are robust and vary from season to season.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteering can be done as an individual or in groups, onsite or offsite, virtually or in-person. Our offerings include taking photographs, clerical work, conservation, clean-up, giving tours, working events, and more. If you need a special accommodation or project, one can be made for you. Please contact the office for a more personalized volunteer opportunity.

Why do I see so many closures to dogs each week? Is this common?

As an active burial ground, our first duty is to those interred on the site and to the families of those burying their loved ones. For this reason, we commit to providing a dog-free atmosphere during all burials out of respect for the bereaved. Typically, the cemetery is closed one hour prior to a burial until one hour after the burial. There is a bell we will ring 15 minutes before a service to announce the coming closure should any dogs be onsite prior to the closing. As we often cannot predict when our burial services will be needed more than a few days in advance, these closures can occur with limited notice to the K9 Corps. The K9 corps will be notified of these closures by text and email as the information becomes available. We appreciate your understanding when this occurs; and your continued respect for our grieving families.

Additionally, we raise funds as a nonprofit by hosting private events and public programs. Closures to dogs coincide with these events, as well as for maintenance and conservation work. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated as we continue to raise funds to keep our grounds beautiful and open for years to come.

The Cemetery is always closed to dog walking between 11am and 3pm every Saturday and on specific holidays, including Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Cemetery staff or the HCC Board of Directors may direct further closures on an as-needed basis. Thank you for your cooperation.

Events Mailing List

Interested in hosting a private event or a 5k race? Contact us by emailing A.J. Orlikoff at