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Notable Military Figures Buried at Congressional Cemetery

The historic ground of Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC, is filled with military personalities from American Revolution to the present. Before our American Military History Tour, we thought we’d share some of the figures you will meet. Thomas Tingey Thomas Tingey’s place in Congressional Cemetery is notable for a few reasons. He helped establish [...]

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3 US Presidents that were interred in the Public Vault

There are few more storied structures in Washington, DC, or Arlington County, VA, cemeteries than the public vault in Congressional Cemetery. The classical structure has existed since 1832. It is in the National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmark. The vault was built in two years with Aquia Creek sandstone, the same material [...]

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Headstone

When end-of-life planning, you might have a certain image of what you want your final resting place to look like. However, when selecting a headstone for cemeteries in Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA, and environs, consider what you want relative to factors like regulations, cost, and durability. Below, we lay out these key considerations and [...]

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6 Reasons Why We Use Headstones

Anyone who has visited a cemetery in Washington, DC, knows that headstones are an enduring and important part of the landscape. From humble beginnings to their modern iteration, headstones have evolved over time, each step forward driven by technological advancements as well as cultural norms. But why do we use headstones? Keep reading to find [...]

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Why Do So Many Headstones Face East

During a guided tour or our annual Soul Strolls, you may have noticed many of the headstones face the east. This is not uncommon for cemeteries. Many graves in cemeteries from Arlington County, VA, to Washington, DC, have grave markers facing this direction. Why? KEY TAKEAWAYS:Many headstones in cemeteries face east for religious or practical reasons. [...]

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Where to Bury Your Pet in Washington, DC

No one looks forward to losing their pet. Unfortunately, having one means signing up for the possibility of such eventuality someday. Our Washington, DC cemetery provides a befitting place to honor your beloved among the most distinguished when this happens. The pet section, or Kingdom of Animals as we call it, is a relatively [...]

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Tips for Researching Your Ancestry at Cemeteries

If you are in Alexandria, VA setting out to explore cemeteries nearby for clues about your family history, you’ve already met part of the criteria by being curious. Now, keep reading for some tips on being as productive and efficient as possible in your search. 1. Finding the cemetery Pinpoint the cemetery Identifying an old [...]

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