Boston, we know. We’ve got nothing on you here in DC. But by anyone’s standards, it is brutally cold here in the nation’s capital. The wind is howling outside the cemetery gatehouse, and the staff feel lucky to be able to hunker down and view the beauty of the cemetery from the comfort of our heated offices.

The best way to combat the winter blues is to look forward to spring, and with that in mind it’s time to highlight our biggest spring event, Day of the Dog on May 2, 2015. Don’t worry, we won’t wax poetic about how amazing and fun this event is (see our August Day of the Dog post if you’d like some of that), but it is time to put this on your radar as an event that you’re *hopefully* looking forward to. This year, we’re also putting on a 5k race in conjunction with the festival, and we’re especially excited about seeing local runners racing through the cemetery with their pups.

Dog lovers, just keep thinking about the better and warmer days that are on their way, and save the date for this special day. And if you’re not a dog owner, but potentially thinking of getting one in 2015? We’ll leave you with this. We dare you to say no to this face.