Silent Book Club of Death

Historic Congressional Cemetery Chapel 1801 E Street, Southeast, Washington

Like book clubs, but want to read your own book? Want to reflect on your mortality in the company of polite bookworms? Looking for an anti-social social club, where you can meet people then politely ignore them? Catherine, the Death Project Manager, and leader of the Silent Book Club of Death worldwide, will be welcomed by our Death Doula in Residence.


Only at Congressional Guided Introductory Tour

Historic Congressional Cemetery 1801 E Street, Southeast, Washington

Join us for a guided tour of Congressional Cemetery! Over 67,000 people are interred at Congressional Cemetery, ranging from 1807 all the way until the present day. Their stories are American history in microcosm, all in 35 acres of the nation's capital. Come and experience their extraordinary lives in a one of kind portal into [...]