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This Saturday’s topic is: Immortalizing memories through photography (special guest, Kitty Linton)

Our special guest will be our own Kitty Linton, HCC’s social media contributor and photographer. The exercise she will lead will be from 10:30am to 11:30. You are welcome, of course, to arrive or leave any time during Death Doula Day office hours 10am until noon.

Kitty is a professional photographer originally from London, England and when she’s not taking photos of the cemetery, she is documenting the living.

She has been fascinated by the technology and power of photography since she was quite young and is passionate in her pursuit of creatively capturing people’s most meaningful memories.
Kitty sees the profound impact photography has on the way we remember others, and the way we perceive our own permanence.

Have you ever found an old photograph tucked away in a dusty album and felt a rush of memories flooding back? The sight of a familiar face, the backdrop of a special place, or a moment with a loved one – these are triggers for our memories, like keys that unlock the doors to our past.

Your assignment for this session is to bring one photograph, printed or digital, that captures a memory with someone who has died. We will focus on the memory within the photo, very specifically, not the before or after or the story of that person. Just that memory within the frame.

By extension, we will be exploring the role of photographs in our relationships with people and how we will live on after death.

We will also share a list of resources to dig deeper into this topic. How can we organize and save these memories? Is there a difference between digital and printed? Photos copied from other photos? Manipulated images. And the newer technologies that may change our relationship with photography.

And, rumor has it, a photo may be taken on this date, using an older technology and creating a single original image. With Kitty in the room we are likely to leave the room with a new view of photography and photographs.

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