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This Saturday is a special event for us all: we will share our “bucket list” items we want to do before we die. But that’s not all.

We will also share what is holding us back from writing or actually doing the things we dream of.

And then we are going to plant and water those dreams!

All are welcome. Bring your bucket list ideas, written or not. and we will all encourage one another in thinking about and enacting our dreams while we have time to do them.

Our Death Doula Day baker, Mark, is making apple hand pies, so please do rsvp by clicking HERE.


Death Doula Days: all are welcome, no experience necessary, free event!

No one likes to talk about dying, right? We do!

Bring your curiosity, your courage, and a sense of humor as we sit around the table at the gatehouse (almost) every Saturday in 2023 to explore our worries and wonderment about mortality. Join our new death doula in residence for a weekly series of conversations and workshops about the end of life. Guests will include those who sit with the dying, care for our bodies, and help those we will leave behind. We will work on projects like organizing our digital lives, documenting our wishes, and telling our life stories. We will play games, do projects, hear musicians, meet artists, and hear from scholars who explore the end of life in their work. Our goal is to explore a ‘death positive’ way to think about our mortality. You never know who you’ll meet around the table, but each person who enters the room is a gift to the event. Cake and tea provided. Donations to our host, Historic Congressional Cemetery, are warmly encouraged.

By facing our fear of death we aim to best enjoy every breath.