Transition Tea Room

Historic Congressional Cemetery Gatehouse 1801 E Street, Southeast, Washington

Visit the new Transition Tea Room during office hours on Sundays from 10am to 4pm, by appointment. Morning appointments are individual opportunities to meet with the Death Doula in Residence, and afternoon appointments are shared with other visitors. Work on projects, research options, explore ideas, read, play deathy card games: join us!

Belva Lockwood Signage Dedication

Historic Congressional Cemetery 1801 E Street, Southeast, Washington

Please join Historic Congressional Cemetery and the Daughters of the American Revolution to dedicate a new sign for Belva Lockwood! Belva Lockwood is one of the most notable individuals interred at Congressional Cemetery. A lawyer, activist, and women’s rights pioneer, she authored a sterling legal career, blazing a trail for women in American society. The [...]

Cemetery Speaker Series: Jewish Americans

Washington, DC has always been a place of diversity. Ever since the city's founding in 1790, thousands of different people have lived, worked, and died alongside each other. And while Washingtonians have not always lived harmoniously with each other, they have contributed to create a community. Regardless of race, religion, creed, or political belief, Washington [...]