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This Saturday’s topic is: Bad Art Day! (special facilitator, Liana Mensh)

This week we have a special facilitator and our death doula will be assisting. Liana Mensh*, an art director here in DC, is taking the lead on a special experience. During our “Bucket List” session a few months ago it came up that so many of us have a lot of “aspirational” art and craft supplies. We buy them with good intentions but don’t use them, and they haunt us and taunt us.

So, we’re inviting you to grab those unused marker sets, glitter pens, glue guns and watercolors and bring them down. Not to make great art, though. We’re going to make some bad art and have good fun doing it. We’re going to let go of the projects that are taking up space in our closets and causing us regret. We’ll make stuff for a few hours and then swap items freely: bring some, take some others home, and with our newfound creativity and freedom not to do things expertly we will give these items new life.

Being death positive is about living fully. Let’s not let our artsy crafty impulses cramp our style!

PLEASE BRING your unused ART SUPPLIES, CRAFT SUPPLIES, interesting objects, sparkly things, gewgaws and gimcracks. Feel free to leave them behind after we play, and adopt other people’s aspirational artsy crafty things. We will donate any extra supplies to UpCycle Creative Reuse Center in Alexandria.

Wear playclothes.

Arrive or leave any time during Death Doula Day office hours 10am until noon.

*Yes, Liana is Laura’s favorite daughter!

All are welcome. In fact, bring a family member or friend! Do rsvp so we can have enough chairs and snacks prepared.

The conference room is, cosy, so please do rsvp by clicking HERE.


Death Doula Days on Saturdays 10am-noon at Congressional Cemetery. Free event, no experience necessary, donations to support Congressional Cemetery’s work warmly welcome.

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