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This Saturday’s topic is: The junk drawers

Thought experiment: you disappear suddenly and your roomies, family, and a cleaning service arrive at your residence. What do they find? How do they make sense of that bottlecap from a certain Saturday at the beach, the little box containing your grandmother’s teeth, the Italian Lira bill. Are they valuable? Will they go in the trash?

Who are you, according to your junk drawer? What story of your life does your stuff tell the world when you’re gone?

This weekend we are facing the difficult topic of death and our stuff. Bring a picture of your junk drawer, if you dare. Make a list of the miscellany in the flour canister on your shelf. How much is labeled? How many things mean so much to you but won’t even be identifiable to others? Who would you want to have the flotsam and jetsam of your shelves and drawers?

All are welcome. In fact, bring a family member or friend! Do rsvp so we can have enough chairs and snacks prepared.

The conference room is, cosy, so please do rsvp by clicking HERE.


Death Doula Days on Saturdays 10am-noon at Congressional Cemetery. Free event, no experience necessary, donations to support Congressional Cemetery’s work warmly welcome.

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