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This Saturday’s topic is: Fear of death (or is it fear of dying?)

It is very common in modern times to avoid talking or thinking about death, even while we are all likely to live longer than our ancestors. Death is a topic that is avoided with dread, fear, even anger. Death positivity is the idea that death is a normal and expected part of living, and that talking about dying and death openly makes it easier to live authentically and fully.

There are costs to avoiding the topic. A lack of preparation can make the end of life unnecessarily chaotic and challenging. Relationships are strained when issues are not resolved or acknowledged. Health issues may not be addressed for fear of “the worst.”

Fear of death also causes those who are elderly, ill, or dying to be avoided as well.

It takes courage and curiosity to talk openly about death, but it may be easier with practice. Accepting our mortality can lead to less avoidance and even more freedom to live fully in the time we have.

This Death Doula Day we’ll talk about the topic of death phobia, death anxiety, fear of death. Some of us have very little of this, and some of us are impaired by it all the time. We won’t be able to fix the problem for one another but we can bring our fear into the open.

Bring your ideas and tools and strategies to share. There is so much wisdom in the world around this natural fear: let’s explore some of that together!

  • This topic will be about fear around our own deaths, rather than grief or fear of the deaths of others. Sometimes these intertwine, but mostly we’ll focus on our individual fears around our own mortality.
  • This conversation is informal and not professional psychotherapy. These topics and anxiety around death are marvelous subjects to explore professionally with trained psychotherapists. Getting professional support is life-affirming in the very best sense of the word.
  • If this topic brings up strong feelings it may not be a good one to explore in this session at this time. 

The conference room is, cosy, so please do rsvp by clicking HERE.


Death Doula Days on Saturdays 10am-noon at Congressional Cemetery. Free event, no experience necessary, donations to support Congressional Cemetery’s work warmly welcome.

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