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This Saturday’s topic is: Bodies above and below ground (special guest, Margaret Canilang)

Our special drop in guest will be Margaret Canilang, HCC Director of Conservation. As always when we have a special guest for Q&A this is from 10:30am to 11:30am. You are welcome, of course, to arrive or leave any time during Death Doula Day office hours 10am until noon.

From her HCC official bio:

In 2012, fresh out of Savannah College of Art and Design Historic Preservation graduate program, Margaret Canilang started her journey at Congressional Cemetery, but her love for cemeteries was already well-developed.  She was fascinated with the conservation science in her classes, particularly the properties and characteristics of stone.  Even more specifically, slate.  And what better place to observe stone than in a cemetery?  She was so enthralled, she wrote her Master’s thesis, “The Cemetery as a Cultural Institution: Reforming Preservation Initiatives in Garden Cemeteries through Management, Conservation, Outreach, and Protection.“ 

We asked Margaret to join us for a Death Doula Day to help us better understand what we are seeing, in terms of human remains, when we walk through the grounds. Where are the bodies? How many are there? Are they all buried in the ground? Do they all have markers? What is a vault? What is a cenotaph? We have so many questions. Margaret has answers!

All are welcome. In fact, bring a family member or friend! Do rsvp so we can have enough chairs and snacks prepared by clicking HERE.


Death Doula Days on Saturdays 10am-noon at Congressional Cemetery. Free event, no experience necessary, donations to support Congressional Cemetery’s work warmly welcome.

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