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This Saturday’s topic is: Dying Kindness (special guest Cianna Stewart)

Our special drop in guest will be Cianna Stewart, the host of the Dying Kindness podcast. As always when we have a special guest for Q&A this is from 10:30am to 11:30am. You are welcome, of course, to arrive or leave any time during Death Doula Day office hours 10am until noon.

Okay, so this week is special. Your death doula in residence is an ardent fan of the Dying Kindness podcast, and having Cianna visit our amazing cemetery and meeting our Death Doula Day community is a dream come true.

We strongly suggest that you take a bit of time to read the list of topics for Dying Kindness and listen to some episodes. Cianna is on a mission to help us be kind to those we leave behind. She knows from experience why this is so important. Let’s not leave angry mourners: it’s a bad look.

You can leave money and jewelry and heirlooms, but it is probably most important to leave as little chaos and confusion as you exit the world. That’s the kindness. That’s a profound kindness.

She’s kind, Cianna. Kind enough to come visit us in person and share her journey. Come ask questions and learn from this wise, kind person.

All are welcome. In fact, bring a family member or friend! Do rsvp so we can have enough chairs and snacks prepared.

The conference room is, cosy, so please do rsvp by clicking HERE.


Death Doula Days on Saturdays 10am-noon at Congressional Cemetery. Free event, no experience necessary, donations to support Congressional Cemetery’s work warmly welcome.

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