The Adopt-a-Plot Program plays a key role in the preservation and beautification of Congressional Cemetery. Our program provides individuals, groups, organizations, and companies with the opportunity to play an important and active role in preserving, enhancing, and maintaining Congressional Cemetery’s landscape and grounds.

The objective of our Adopt-a-Plot program to get members of the local community in involved in efforts to revitalize and enhance the numerous cultural and historic resources found in the cemetery, restore the beauty of the grounds, and preserve the landscape for future generations.

Members of the Adopt-a-Plot program will be assigned a family plot to tend to throughout the year. The plots available to be adopted range in size from about ten square feet to up to five hundred square feet. Each of the plots that are available to be adopted are surrounded with a stone coping or a metal fence. If you wish to adopt a plot that does not have stone coping or a fence, then you are responsible for providing metal edging or a small fence to put around the plot to minimize damage to your adopted plot from the lawn mowers and dog walkers.

Volunteers will have access to a variety of gardening tools, water, mulch, and top soil. Our program is fairly flexible, but we ask that you do not plant any vines, invasive species, vegetables, fruits, or trees in the plot that you adopt. Additionally, we ask that no chemicals be used in your adopted plot except when the cemetery is closed to dogs on Saturdays from 10-3.

If you wish to become involved in our Adopt-a-Plot program, please email Margaret Canilang at