We’re excited to announce a special upcoming event at Congressional Cemetery in honor of Valentine’s Day. And as you might imagine, it’s a tad unorthodox:


As the advertisement suggests, the tour won’t be your usual saccharine and sappy fare (although no offense to those who enjoy that sort of thing). Any self-respecting Valentine’s Day event in a cemetery has a different standard to live up to, of course. Sure, you can cuddle up with Love Actually and a bottle of wine with your hubby, or you can save that for a rainy day and travel to an unusual venue to hear real tales of failed romance and true love from the past. If you attend the event on Thursday the 13th, we can promise the following:

  • An unusual and enlightening evening in the company of like-minded souls
  • Tragic tales of doomed romance
  • Stories of true, enduring love, albeit with unusual twists
  • A delicious cocktail or two to savor while you travel back in time: either sour or sweet, depending on the mood

And all this for a suggested donation of $20. To reserve your place for this special tour and soiree, simply email staff@congressionalcemetery.org to save your spot, as space is limited. Bring your quirky significant other, a friend, or just yourself and enjoy an evening with 65,000 quiet souls who have stories worth telling.