Why Choose Congressional Cemetery?

Congressional Cemetery, with the first burial in 1807, is among the oldest institutions in D.C. and the final resting place for scores of individuals who were instrumental in the founding of the nation and its new capitol city. In addition, it is the only place in Washington where one can be buried in a site directly on L’Enfant’s 18th century city plan.

Congressional Cemetery was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011 and continues to build upon the legacy of over 200 years of American history. Historic Congressional Cemetery is administered by the nonprofit Association for the Preservation of Historic Congressional Cemetery and owned by Christ Church, Washington Parish. The Association is constantly striving to maintain the historic, cultural, and aesthetic qualities of this natural landscape along the Anacostia River.

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“I know of no other cemetery in this country superior to it in beauty of site.”
– George Watterson, 1842 –

Unique to Congressional Cemetery

  • Over 1,000 volunteers each year help maintain & promote the cemetery.
  • We are the only D.C. cemetery that allows green burial options.
  • Notable burials include John Philip Sousa, the March King, Mathew Brady, civil war photographer, and Elbridge Gerry, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Veterans from every American war can be found here.
  • We promote innovative and sustainable practices, such as beekeeping, grazing goats, and dog-walking program.