A Historic Run

Whatever your political views may be, we can all agree that we are currently experiencing one of the most tempestuous presidential elections the country has ever seen.  The ups and downs of campaigning and primaries have dominated the news cycles for what is arguably a historic amount of time, as the drawn-out process has delivered [...]

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Ever-Exciting Hannah Miller: Part 1

Each year Congressional Cemetery hosts summer interns from both undergraduate and graduate programs. These interns help us with a variety of tasks depending on their interests and our needs. Typical projects include assisting with the ongoing condition assessments of the gravestones, writing for our newsletter and blog, researching genealogy, and "other duties as assigned" - [...]

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A Pitch for the Best Neighborhood

By Beverley Lumpkin Recently the Washington Post quoted President Obama revealing that he and the first family would “probably” stay in Washington, D.C., for a couple of years after his term ends so that younger daughter Sasha can finish high school. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/03/03/which-d-c-neighborhood-might-the-obamas-live-in-next/?wpmm=1&wpisrc=nl_fix The article went on to speculate about which part of town the Obamas [...]

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Historic Congressional Cemetery Docents Answer Real Visitor Questions

By Frank J. Pietrucha Archivist and docent Dayle Dooley giving a tour at the cemetery. What kind of questions do visitors ask when touring the storied grounds of Historical Congressional Cemetery (HCC)? A zinger is always possible, but for the most part, questions are fairly predictable.  Here are three questions commonly asked and [...]

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Remembering the Forgotten Many

What began as a blog post about the controversial son of Dolley Madison, John Payne Todd, quickly evolved into a more personal study. This isn’t uncommon around here, or frankly, any historical institution where archival records are full of bits and pieces which quickly lead to other files, and other topics. We have a few [...]

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James A. LaFontaine

Here at the Congressional Cemetery we strive to make the stories of the people interred here, and their roles in our history, more approachable.  We currently have 16 walking tours available online that cover a range of subjects from the brewers of D.C. to Civil Rights heroes, and we are adding more steadily.  These tours [...]

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A Labor of Love: Adopting a Plot at Congressional Cemetery

This week's blog post comes to you from Beverley Lumpkin, a K9 Corps member and winner of the 2014 Benjamin B. French Lodge No. 15, F.A.A.M. Volunteer Award from Congressional Cemetery. In addition to volunteering her time on numerous committees, she maintains a plot through the Cemetery's Adopt-a-Plot program. More on this saga from Beverley: [...]

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Looking for a Weekend Activity for the Kids?

Bring them to Congressional to learn in a unique setting! If your kids are interested in geology, analyze the different types of stones and how they weather. Biology?  Our headstones have fascinating clusters of biological staining, crusts, and lichen. Our site has many statues and memorials that would be inspiring to sketch for artistic prodigies. [...]

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