Though an elegant lady still honors the eternal resting place of Catherine J. Weller, her graceful arms outstretched to a cross have long retired to the basement of the gatehouse.  It is unclear how long the statue’s arms have been displaced, but evidence of previous failed repairs can be seen on the broken pieces.  Standing proudly on the sloping hill of the Barney Circle overlook, this memorial is visibly in need of restoration.  The Association for the Preservation of Historic Congressional Cemetery is launching a fundraiser much like the campaign three years ago that secured Marion Ooletia Kalhert’s statue back into her high-buttoned boots.  With your generous donations, Marion returned to her site for the first time in thirty-one years.  Catherine Weller’s statue, witnessing this altruistic act, has politely requested the return of her own missing parts and pieces.

Howard Wellman of Howard Wellman Conservation LLC has provided the cemetery with a cost estimate and treatment proposal to return the statue’s cross and arms to their rightful home.

The cost estimate for such intricate and skilled conservation work comes in at $8,000.  With your support, we will be able to raise the funds to preserve Catherine Weller’s marker.  When you send in a donation, please indicate that you would like it to be set aside for A Call for Arms Campaign.

And it won’t even cost you an arm and a leg. Just an arm and an arm.